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Sep 19 2012


Attention first years, the second year is better!

I woke up this morning after a 4 day weekend feeling stressed and unhappy to be waking up.  I dreamt (again) of teaching, and sweating in front of the kids, and not being prepared.  I rushed around before school making copies (once again) in a room packed with teachers doing last minute tasks, and I went into class with the feeling that I would have to be winging it.


Then class started.


And my day didn’t really TURN AROUND, persay.  But my lesson plan turned out to be strong, and my kids laughed, and I got into my mode, and shit turned out ok.  I came out of the day feeling happy, feeling accomplished, feeling proud.  My students are hilarious.  My students are so smart.  My students talk too much, make me lose my voice everyday, my students complain, my students don’t always do what they are supposed to do.  But I love being around them and I hope they will get something out of this year.

To all you first years, hold on.  It’s gonna suck, but it will get easier, it will get better.  Your kids actually do appreciate hard work, and they will tell you later on, after its all over.

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