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Sep 23 2011

What do you teach?

Not the easiest question to answer.  I usually answer with what we are studying at the time, which right now is gender roles, how gender roles affect our lives, and how the media perpetuates these roles.

We start each day with a morning circle.  Everyone sits in a circle and says their name and how they are doing.  Then we do some sort of drama warm up.  Then we usually focus on some sort of project.

Teaching has been a rollercoaster.  The worst is the knowledge that I’m failing my kids by not being able to control my kids or lesson plan so that they truly master the objective I’m trying to teach.  One of my classes today could NOT be quiet enough, for 2 seconds, to get some directions or hear what their classmates are saying.  I felt so bad for those 5 to 10 faces who were actually looking up at me, unable to hear what I was saying.  I had everyone sit back down in their seats and write in their journals instead of having a class discussion.  Lame.  One girl had to get kicked out for calling me a fucking bitch.

I’ve had a lot of successes too.  The period before that really got to get into their discussion and I had a lot of interesting comments.  I’ve got messages from students that this is their favorite class.

Overall, I’ve made it, I LOVE my kids so much, and I’m happy.  Teaching is ridiculously hard.  I have so much investment in my student’s achievement… getting them on board with that investment is the hardest part.  Also, talking to those students one on one who really don’t care is tough.

I’m lucky, and I’m happy.  I’m happy to be alone now.  I’m happy to be working where I am and with who I am.  Props to the universe for blessing me.

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