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Jul 03 2011

One week in New York

This week has been out of control.  I have slept less than 5 hours a night.  Lesson planning is hard and I get little feedback except that I need to do them over.  I am having more problems with content than I thought- I need to research what everything is that I’m teaching extensively before I start trying to teach it.

Teach For America- could you have leveraged the motivation with the work over these past 2 weeks?  I was SO TIRED of talking about TFA’s core values and know I miss those days in the midst of 2 lesson plans a day, management plans, investment plans, sessions on DCA (diversity something or other), visions, parent letters, contact cards, posters for my class, grading assessments, creating HW assignments, and more.  I NEED SLEEP!

My goal for the past couple of days was to not complain and to get my stuff done quickly and efficiently.  Nonetheless, I broke the goal a couple of times.  I am feeling frustrated with the amount of feedback I get on my assignments when I know I need feedback.  I also know they aren’t “assignments”.  These are things that will determine whether my kids are going to pass the Regents Exam come August.  The stakes so high, the stress is high.

I need support.  But I feel a little lonely at Institute.  It IS hard to get to know people in meaningful ways while all you have time to do is ask each other what worksheet they used for the Inferencing lesson.

I am teaching at Bronx Preparatory Charter School- such an amazing school.  I would be so stoked to work there for the whole year if I was in the NY corps.  I have a phone interview with Achievement First at 12 pm today… wish me luck!  Keeping my fingers crossed that I will be placed soon.

Keep in touch all who read this- which is probably just Danielle haha :)

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