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Apr 13 2011

Things I have/don’t have in common with my students

Things I Have in Common With (the Likely Majority) of my Students
Knowing how it feels to struggle academically
Having had teachers who have low expectations of you
Seeing a parent struggle with money
Feeling powerless/frustrated/furious about the injustices in your community

Things I Don’t Have in Common With (the Likely Majority) of my Students
Being visibly part of a minority race
Having a low-income background
(huge things)

Things I feel I will be able to offer my students
Reasons why, and ways how, a minority student can and should go to college, and a physical reminder of the ability of those students to succeed
Poetry! A way to express their stories!  Hopefully a way to get into English class.
A teacher who realistically expects both successes and failures in her classroom and who is willing to work relentlessly to find solutions

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